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Independent Test

Below is a test report by an independent organization about our hosting servers. You will see that we passed this test with Very Good   rating. This shows how fast we are in delivering web pages from our network.


  Server Check

Report For:
Date: Thu 17 Dec
Time: 12:00 - 20:00 USA Eastern Time
Server Type: Apache/1.2.6

Overall Rating: Very Good


Performance Summary
Event Your Server's
Host Ping 40.96 millisec 374.80 millisec 76 th
DNS Look Up 0.03 sec 0.13 sec 80 th
Connect Time 0.04 sec 0.66 sec 90 th
Download Time (10k file) 0.25 sec 1.66 sec 74 th
Timeouts 0 -  
Host Ping: Indicates the network speed between your server and ours.
DNS Look Up: Indicates the time required to look up your server's address in the DNS database.
Connect Time: The time required to open a network connection to your server.
Download Time (10k file): The time which would be required to download a 10k file from your server.
Number of Timeouts: The number of times your server failed to respond within 30 seconds.

Warning areas are highlighted in dark yellow; problem areas are highlighted in red.

Download Time Plot

The chart above shows the time required for your server to transfer a 10k size file.

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